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Chris is a fan of the WelcomeVisitors (on c2.com) and just found a link from there to here. See also ChrisGarrod.

FlowBasedProgramming sounds interesting, that is what drew me in. I hope to learn more on this or that website. 20031213.1807

I will be adding more stuff as time goes on - I have to learn a lot about wiki etiquette! --PaulMorrison

I found the book via interlibrary loan from SanDiegoStateUniversity? -- I will see if UCSD can get a copy or two as well. 20040119.1140 PST

It can still be ordered from Amazon.com. --PaulMorrison

Where have I been? 20051011.2213 ckg

You seem to be back now! Actually you would probably know where you have been better than me... ;-) Care to share some thoughts? --pm

Back again on 20060405.2253 PST Playing more with Plan9 than much else lately. It's too cool. Beats Linux by multi-Megabytes. I like your Captcha, I should put one on my wiki, I got spammed about 5 times over the weekend.

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