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See the "Stevens Lecture on Software Development Methods".

The Stevens Award was created to recognize outstanding contributions to the literature or practice of methods for software and systems development. The lecture presentations focus on lessons learned and challenges, with an emphasis on advancing or analyzing the state of software methods and their direction for the future.

This prestigious award lecture is named in memory of Wayne Stevens (1944-1993), a highly-respected consultant, author, pioneer, and advocate of the practical application of software methods and tools. His 1974 IBM Systems Journal article "Structured Design" was the first published on the topic and has been widely reprinted. Stevens was the author of the books: Software Design: Concepts and Methods (Prentice-Hall Intl, 1991) and Using Structured Design (Wiley, 1981). His last article "Data Flow Analysis and Design" appears in the Encyclopedia of Software Engineering (Wiley, 1994). Stevens was the chief architect of application development methodology for IBM's consulting group.

Wayne was always an ardent supporter and promoter of the concepts behind FlowBasedProgramming, and is much missed.

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