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Workflow programming may be the next generation FlowBasedProgramming.

There is currently a lot of interest from the major vendors like BEA, Sun and Microsoft.

Some interesting features of WorkFlow systems are:

Useful links:

Currently, I'm in the process of developing a WorkFlow system that will have the above features and is fully transactional.

My effort is to make a FBP system that can persist data and processes during a long running (work)flow. It will solve my long-standing problems related to FlowBasedTransactions -- RobbertVanDalen

I have thought for a long time that WorkFlow should resemble FBP but at a broader level of granularity. It's great that someone is finally looking into this! --PaulMorrison

After some hard work the past year I'm proud to present Syrup! This is the WorkFlow solution I have built that encompasses the above requirements -- RobbertVanDalen

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